Kwanghee makes a phone call to Sunhwa after the accident

ZE:A’s Kwanghee made a phone call to SECRET’s Han Sunhwa to check up on his ‘wife’ after the car accident.

On December 12th, an official from Kwanhee’s agency, Star Empire Entertainment revealed, “Kwanghee made a phone call to Han Sunhwa to ask how she is doing after the car accident. Since they are a ‘married couple’, he wanted to call her to make sure she was alright instead of making a fuss about it on SNS. However, since Sunhwa was not hospitalized, Kwanghee won’t be visiting her separately.”

On December 11th, SECRET members got into a major car accident while heading home after their schedule at 2AM. The group was on its way from Gimpo to Jamsil when the manager who was driving lost control of the vehicle on the slippery road around Seongsan Bridge.