Kim Jaejoong Who Settled Down As An Actor

Kim Jaejoong can never forget this year. Because it’s the year that he could settle down as an actor. He came into the spotlight through ‘Dr. Jin’ and he made the first step toward the screen through ‘Code Name Jackal’.

But, despite he is busy, he keeps his eye on something. It’s ‘interior decoration’ of his house.

“I think I have a sense of ‘interior design’.. Haha!”

As we started to talk about it, he smiles and continues to talk about it without hesitation.

“I have a great affection for my house that I live now. When I have spare time, I pay attention to interior design.”

He already opened the interior design of his house on his twitter last November. He has a simple dining table, fancy chandelier, tidy marble floor and surface of the wall.. They were reminded of ‘Boutique Hotel’.

“It has been for a year. Interior design has also changed. When I’m sick and tired of it, I’ll change it immediately.”

And then he shows his dining room’s photo on his phone. I can see a man-sized statue of a horse.
I say to him.. “It’s nice”.. So he answers..

“It’s not a statue, it’s luminaire. It’s one of my favorite. It was hard to find. I like lighting fixtures. So there are several lighting fixtures in each room.”

There are many unique decorations. He likes modern interior design so he tries to make refined image with disposing sensuous items.

“I like simple design when I select basic furnitures such as a sofa or a table. I select unique and sensuous items when I select the rest that could be a point..”

Because of the affection for the interior design, he says with smile..

“I think I’ll lose my friends due to the interior decoration.”

It’s been a quite while since he gave up the cat that he loves.

“I love to invite my friends to the house but they left their fingerprints on my favorite picture when they come. And they broke my clock.. So I’m considering between friendship and interior design.(laugh) And I couldn’t raise the cat any more. I had the cat before, but he scratched my favorite blue sofa. So I gave him to my elder sister.”

Because he ended his movie, I ask him.. “You’ll have free time more.. so I think your home will be nicer that before..”

“Now I’m choosing my next one because I feel fun when I’m acting. Decorating my home is ordinary thing to me so I think my schedule can’t be affected it. Next time, shall I open my home?(laugh)”

Credit: Donga News
Translated and Shared by @TheYoungestmin