Kim Jaejoong “I was impressed by the words that Oh Dalsoo told me ‘Keep working as an actor’”

“As an actor, kiss scene and undressing scene are also the kind of work that I’ll have to do.”

Kim Jaejoong, a member of JYJ, challenged the film after the drama.

In ‘Code Name: Jackal’ that he was working with Song Jihyo, the junior of his company, he opened many kinds of charms that he had never shown before..

In that film, the most attractive scene of Jaejoong is the action scene in historical drama that Choi Hyun filmed with long hair.

- Honestly, I was surprised by kiss scene with Kim Sungryoung. Aren’t you afraid of your fans’ reaction?

▲ If I can’t do it because I’m afraid of my fans’ reaction, I think it’ll stop my growth as an actor. In the end, it’s the thing that I’ll have to do. I filmed it with the same determination that I have in everything I do.. 

- Nevertheless, the most difficult scene that you’ve filmed..

▲ The scene that I relieved myself while not wearing pants in front of Jihyo.. I felt afraid.. and ashamed.. I could film the undressing scene of my upper body but.. somehow, I felt ashamed about the undressing scene of my lower body. I think it would be better if I were naked.. And I also felt a bit uncomfortable when she saw my action.

- Why did you choose ‘Jackal’ as your first film?

▲ There were also several other scenarios. But I choose it because it wasn’t the serious or blockbuster type of film. So I had no pressure to act and I could act comfortably. And I also like that it’s a new character that I haven’t shown before.

- Did you have any pressure about comical role?

▲ I felt positively at that point. I wished to show the comical role when many people thought that I didn’t care about it..

- Evaluate your acting in your first movie.

▲ Actually, it’s difficult to evaluate it because it was my first time to watch my face on the screen. Drama is evaluated in real time, but movie is evaluated after filming and editing for a long time.. I feel the difference just like that..

- What did YC & JS say about your film?

▲ They told me it was good and funny..

- What did the people around you say about the working with Oh Dalsu?

▲ Many actors of my age told they envy me.. Definitely, he has something much more than others. The funniest part of our team is.. we-Oh Dalsu, Han Sangjin, Song Jihyo and I- were constantly talking about something.

- What did he (Oh Dalsu) advise you?

▲ Originally, he is a man of few words. He told me only two things.

The 1st meal that we had before we filmed, he said.. ‘You take a hard role.. It’ll be hard for you.’

And then the after-party that we had after the premiere.. he told me.. ‘I think it’ll be better to act in film continually. This film is yours and you did so great.. Act continually in movies.’

He is famous for not advising others. So I feel honored and thankful to him because he told me that.

- How similar are the Sasaeng fans in film to reality?

▲ It was much more in the film than reality. It was exaggerated. Actually, it was so funny to me when I read the scenes that Choi Hyun’s Sasaeng-fan was sleeping next to him and she put a taser to him. And, honestly, she who played as a Sasaeng fan did really great. I heard that she was on the top in the acting audition. As the audiences might be worried in some scenes, I intentionally had comical reactions.

- I could strongly feel the critical eyes about the problems such as Sasaeng, sponsors and the kinds of shade in the pop culture..

▲ I think they were used to express the situation around Choi Hyun, not to criticize or satirize the pop culture industry. Actually, someone has the problem like sponsors, stalking or something.. but how can all these things be happened to only one person? We just wanted to take some rumors in this industry more interesting.

- Like Choi Hyun, I heard that you had experienced many kinds of part-time jobs…

▲ I had experienced when I was a teenager. I did it for only 3 years, but I felt it was really long.

Because of that experience, I’ve learned the lesson from it… ‘Never stand alone at teenage years.’

I’ll never allow the independence of my kids if he or she is a teenager.

I had to make money to pay the monthly rent and to make a living… All these things were too hard to do..

When I portrayed his hard times, I could do it well because it reminded me of mine.

The funny memory is.. I was washing dishes at the kitchen of ‘** Garden’.. Everybody liked me..

- You have lots of fans but because of that, I think you feel uncomfortable to live..

▲ There are some problems in my normal life. It’s hard to go to the famous place or the place which is crowded.

It could be possible if I go to the party with staffs after working..

But I can’t imagine to eat some delicious food with my friend at famous restaurant..

- PSY is so hot, all around the world.. How do you feel about that?

▲ I think he really deserves it.. He has lived so hard and has made songs diligently. 

He is a greedy person when he is working but he also takes care of the people around him well.

He always accepts the calls and messages anywhere in the world.

And when he has his concert, he always calls and then invites others to his concert. I think his humility made him [who he is] now.

- JYJ also receive much support and love from abroad, but I think you want some more..

▲ Honestly, it’s huge thing though he would be ranked within 100th on Billboard Chart. But he was on the top.

He did really great things. He has inspired the Korean singers who want to work in US pop industry.

He shows anyone could succeed in US, although he is not young or not handsome and not American traditional pop-style.. 

We also have the plan to release the worldwide album in English. We’ll also challenge the world stage continually.

Translated by: @theyoungestmin