Kim Hyung Jun transforms into Santa and makes a donation

Kim Hyung Jun recently transformed into Santa and donated rice for those in need.

According to S-Plus Company on December 27, Kim Hyung Jun attended the ‘Santa Claus of Love Festival’ held on December 21 and donated three tons of rice and gifts as one-day Santa Claus. This marked his second participation in the same charity event.

On the official Facebook of the organization, photos of Kim Hyung Jun in the middle of his participation was uploaded with the captions, “SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun and 100 other Santas visited seniors and children. We’d like to express our thanks to Kim Hyung Jun who donated 334 10kg rice packs.”

In the photos, Kim Hyung Jun is participating in the event, wearing Santa Claus costume, and he is visiting low-income families to distribute rice and gifts.