KARA’s Gyuri and Jiyoung celebrate the first snow in shorts

KARA members Gyuri and Jiyoung celebrated the first snow of the season.

On December 3, Gyuri tweeted a photo of herself with Jiyoung and wrote, “I saw the first snow of the season with Jiyoung~ We were in short dress and ran out in a hurry with just a coat, so you just can’t see what we’re wearing on the bottom… We’re not perverts. Anyways, this is so much fun.”

Gyuri also uploaded more solo photos and wrote, “First snow!!!!!٩(*>_<*)۶ rather than taking picture, I’m running aroundㅜㅜhahaha it’s the snow..” and “A photo of me taking picture hahaha celebrity also stretch their arms to take selca... it’s not just me, everyone does it kekeke.”