JiHyun-Hyungsik, Real Dating Mode.. ‘Romantic Idol’ Gave Life to it

tvN Program, ‘The Romantic and Idol’s JiHyun (4minute) and Hyungsik (ZE:A)’s real dating mode has received popular attention.

‘The Romantic’ will soon to see its first season coming to and end. Up till now, however, the atmosphere between JiHyun and Hyungsik can be seen as the ‘obvious and natural’ couple. They have chosen each other for their preference shuffle, and even ‘obviously’ chose their partners, becoming the first ever official couple of ‘The Romantic’.

On December 23rd broadcast of ‘The Romantic’, the two were seen looking at each other undeterred, creating a pink atmosphere around them. Hyungsik was seen taking care of JiHyun by handing her his cardigan. Last week, JiHyun who expressed her heart through ZE:A’s track ‘Aftermath’, confessed, “I won’t be here tomorrow because of a schedule. I hope Hyungsik stays in the dorm”. Also, “I wanted to have fun”, while making a small fuss.

JiHyun had also received Hyungsik’s proposal, leading to jealousy among the participants.

After the filming, it was known that PD Park Sungjae maintained a KakaoTalk room where casts of Romantic and Idol are able to communicate with each other. Viewers are curious of their present relationships, if they are still staying as strong as when they were dating.

The production crew’s response was, “No Comment”. “Although some feelings have been felt during this program, it wasn’t for certain that they would develop into lovers. We hope that they would follow after these beautiful meetings, but even if it isn’t, we wish that they’ll continue to maintain as close peers in the entertainment industry.”

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Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Stoo.com
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