Jaejoong Earns Rock Props with Upcoming Album

C-Jes Entertainment stoked the excitement of JYJ fans yesterday with a teaser for Jaejoong‘s upcoming solo album. And the fans aren’t the only ones impressed. Band frontman Kim Bada, one of the album’s producers, went from not even knowing who Jaejoong was to praising the idol’s rock potential.

The video, titled #KOR.STU-2012-1226 . DSLR MOV and styled like top-secret leaked footage, previews this new ‘rocker Jaejoong’ we were told about at the album’s announcement not too long ago. Now two songs are teased, showcasing some serious belting on Jaejoong’s part. Not bad, not bad.

Kim Bada, former vocalist of metal band Sinawe and currently Art of Party‘s main vocalist, was a little skeptical when Jaejoong first asked him to produce a song for him, but was understandably won over after attending the first recording. Though he’s never given anyone a song of his before this, he actually ended up producing two tracks for Jaejoong, the second one more hard rock than the first.

“He was exceptional… He has the ability to be a rocker. After recording of first song, I gave him a hard-rock song that was a little bit stronger, but he didn’t reject it. He came through with the compositional intention.” (NEWis via Naver)

Jaejoong’s first solo album will drop on January 17,  with a special concert to follow on January 26 and 27th.

What do you think of this new style for Jaejoong? Does it suit his voice well?

Credit: mtvk
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