Infinite members' interview on Star Column

“The moment I shine the most, as Infinite” – Sunggyu

- While preparing for this solo album, I feel it the most, the presence of members are really valuable to me.
- People always say we are too loud everywhere we go, this is the real talkative ^^
- Even we’re seeing each other everyday in the same dorm, but we still have a lot of to say.
- Talking to the members and finishing the day is becoming my daily routine too.
- We’re always together even to eat near the dorm, if one person is missing, we’ll call him “Come here quickly! Lets eat!”
- I feel less lonely during my solo album activity because the members are always beside me observing me. Especially when I filmed the MV, the members were there together (with me) until the dawn. I cant express how thankful I am.
- Dongsaengs!! I’m always thankful These last 4 years, from unknown relationship, we gathrered, like matching every piece of puzzles, one by one, and finally we made it into a perfect picture.
- As a leader, I always think of “it’s 7 people” instead of being first in Infinite.
- I’m lacking i many ways but thank you for always following me and trust me, lets be together, like always.
- The moment I shine the most, as Infinite. Lets try to shine even more in the future too! Dont forget that mind, lets continue to move forward!! Fighting!!

“Lets do it powerfully too in 2013″ – Dongwoo

- I cant express my feelings well, at that time I feel like I’m stupid, but it’d be good if they know my real feelings.
- To my family, to my fans, I cant express my heart well, sometimes it can be seen like ignorance, but you know my heart is not like that, right? Haha
- My weapon is always think positive in every situation! It’ll work well if you’re bright and always think positively.
- Instead of popularity, I always think of what can I do in my place first! Either singing, dancing or laugh just myself…
- Infinite members or personally are becoming really mature in 2012.
- It’s Christmas soon! How about making a rap among the members? Also, because it’s Christmas, meaningfully, please, lets clean the house!!!
- 900 days, thanks for loving us in such a long time, lets be together again for another long time, for bigger number!!!
- 1000 days soon? What we want for our beautiful 1000 days! Inspirit!!!

“I am in the future…” – Seongyeol

We run from 2012, there are some hard times, but I think we won over it because we’re together.
- I gain a lot of confidence after meet the members.
- If there’re no reliable hyungs and dongsaengs, there wouldn’t be Infinite’s Seongyeol either.
- Infinite! Let’s continue to work hard! Take care well!
- Sometimes people ask me “Do you want to return to the past?” I will never return! If I can ever go, I’d like to go to the future, I want to see how I live (in the future).
- I’m hoping that I can perform even cooler as Infinite later as well.
- I’ll be Seongyeol who will develop even more and won’t disappoint you, please watch me ^^
- In the future, it’d be good if Infinite can stay like this, together as 7 members, and receive a lot of love. Not only 900 days but 900000 days, forever ^^

“Thank you” – Woohyun

- 2012 means a big year for Infinite and for me, in many ways. There is Arena Tour, also new experience of having a premiere of our show that was made into 3D movie.
- Its still 900 days for now, 9000 days, 90000 days, lets be together until then.
- We hope that we also can be your hope. I love you! Inspirit!
- Infinite, is one.
- Like 1 +1 = 2, simply one by one, the feeling of being together!
- Infinite is, as the name means infinity.
- Also, Infinite is idol.
- We’re still lacking in may ways, but as each day passed, please watch us.
- Beyond the limitation of Idol, we’ll be a really cool singer. So Infinite is one.
- Seems like in 10 years later, without change, I’ll work hard to sing in the stage, like now.
- I wonder how big a heart I’ll give after 10 years ^^

“Developing Infinite” – Hoya

- The first time I debuted and now, seems like it’s still the same. Even if it’s changed, maybe I live a bit leisurely than that time?
- My personality changed, I’m becoming more open now and from negative into positive.
- Our member is always positive, their positive energies during the activities are strength for me.
- Never ending laugh while gathering, my change also thanks to them.
- In the future, I’ll do my best to become Hoya and Infinite who will continue to change and develop bit by bit.
- I can feel what is called by alive in 2012. Concerts in Korea and abroad, solo performance as Infinite H, our 3rd mini album, also new challenge in acting which never be thought before.
- I realized so many things while preparing for our Infinite H unit group with Dongwoo hyung.
- I’ll show you my different look on Infinite and Infinite H, so please look forward!! I’ll show you more than you expect!!!
- Its like a dream for me, even its a dream, I hope I wont wake up, I’m as happy as it is now.
- Thanks to all Inspirits who came to us until now, I really want to say something, I love you ^^

“The members are my strength” – L

- Really busy, sitcom is started, have to split my time to prepare for Arena Tour, I didn’t have enough time to sleep, but somehow I feel great.
- There are always times when I feel tired, but at that time, the members will come and help me!
- In addition, hyungs always support me even though they’re busy, I come back late after sitcom filming, there are some times I have to leave early for other things too, but when hyungs’ cute message arrived, somewhat I become stronger and feels like I have to do better.
- I want people to know Infinite with 7 personalities and charms…!
- I want to hear “You’re developing a lot” steadily, not only for a while, that’s our shares.
- Infinite, who is now like a family! I hope we can continue like this in the future too.

“2013, my new look” – Sungjong

gyu hyung, looks like neighborhood brother, its comfortable ^^.
- Woohyun hyung, looks like a prankster.
- Hoya hyung, he’s reliable everywhere.
- Seongyeol hyung, who has a feeling of model student.
- L hyung, who looks a bit cold.
- Now they’re my brothers who is irreplaceable ^^.
- Because I’m always with the hyungs, I don’t feel lonely, thanks hyungs~~~ ^^
- The most important thing for me now is “INFINITE”.
- I have to do my best today too so in the next 10 years I still can show you my happy looks while singing and dancing in the stage.
- In 2013 I’ll show you a new looks of Sungjong which never been shown before!!! ><
- We’ll always be Infinite who develop and doesn’t make our fans ashamed!! I love you!

Source: Naver
Trans by Stellia321 at INFINITE7SOUL.COM take out with full credits.