Im Seulong "Want to act well, even drank alcohol that I cannot drink"

To Im Seulong's appearance in '26 years', indeed he is worthy of being called 'God's Number'. Earnestly challenged acting in MBC drama 'Personal Taste', Im Seulong showed a more natural acting in the movie '26 years' that has been opened on the 29th. Even among veteran actors, (he) managed to blend in well without stealing the limelight. The production itself reported on Daily Topic (a kind of newspaper) about '26 years' Im Seulong is a production that showed his earnest acting talent.

◆"Wrote 'Believe in my intuition' on the scenario"

Acting as police Kwon Jeong Hyuk who lived with his sister, who died during the 1980 Gwangju Democratization Movement, in his heart, (Im Seulong) is involved in this project that condemns the main culprit of the massacre as "That man". For the sake of "That man" who plays golf, Jeong Hyuk who works with a sense of shame manipulating traffic lights is a fragile figure who jumped into the operations without any thought, suffering internal conflicts.

On the 29th meeting Im Seulong at Seoul Samcheongdong, he is different vastly from character in movie in terms of personality. Although being a rookie actor for a while, (he) calmly showed his slowly filled greed for acting, protecting his center without being shaken. Being thrown a somewhat bland question if acting was fun, Im Seulong answered smiling naturally "What difference would it made if I say".

"During the 1 and a half years of rest after promotions, (I) received acting lessons and studied watching musicals, plays and movies. Any rookie would do that, but (I) also watched the production and followed exactly the situations and lines. Although (I) acted in a drama, acting in a movie is also different. I learnt a lot though the movie. (I) did not want to miss a single thing."

From '26 years' the help from the senior actors who matched the breathing was a great encouragement to Im Seulong. Great senior Lee Kyeong Yeong was always patting Im Seulong's cheek on set, giving him his affection and encouragement. He recalled at the time of recording "The teachers, seniors didn't teach (me) but expressed it naturally" and "Because I know I was indeed labelled as an idol singer, up till there I had to calculate more surely and did preparations."

"(I) worked hard, but when preparing not to be mechanical the seniors thought of me cutely. (They) told me 'Express it according to how you feel, how you think'. At the top of the scenario, I have written 'Believe in my intuition'. Expressing it along with myself, (I) cannot go without a sense of ignorance. (I) have to unconditionally believe in my intuition in order to work hard in expressing freely. Instead of whether (I'm) acting well or not, in my opinion knowing what to express in this situation brings confidence."

Source: JoyNews
Translated by iAmP_krystallge@wild2day