Im Seulong "Sunye is a very faithful friend, a lovely couple"

An interview with Im Seulong was arranged at Samcheongdong, Seoul regarding his recent movie, "26 Years" and while we were at it, Im Seulong expressed his opinions on the recent news of Wonder Girls' Sunye's upcoming marriage and talked about her husband-to-be with Joynews24.

"They are a very lovely couple." Im Seulong praised as he continued, "I have met Sunye's boyfriend, he was a very nice person. He even offered me to do voluntary work in Haiti together with him."

Sunye, who had once confessed she was in a loving relationship at a variety program, even shocking her fans with that confession, had revealed on the 27th that she was getting married, which was a very uncommon news among idol group members.

Im Seulong confessed "Though it appeared as very special news when it got on the newspapers, to me, it wasn't that special," and added, "The Sunye I know is a very faithful friend and she's not the kind of person to think about marriage lightly. I really want to congratulate her."

He also added, "I also have a few friends who have gotten married by their mid 20's and already have children. I was amazed at first, but then I thought, you'll never know what'll happen throughout your life, and so I think getting married at my age is something normal." 

At the topic of marriage, we asked Im Seulong if he doesn't have a girlfriend. He answered "I haven't really thought about marriage yet, though I do love children." He expressed as he continued, "If I were to have a son, then I'd want to exercise together with him, while if I were to have a daughter, I'd want to buy her pretty things and go on trips with her," he confessed as he giggled.

Reporter Kwon Hyerim
Credit joynews
Translated by bbiyak25 @ W2D