Idol Actors Are Selling Well

■A New Rule For Casting Actors
-Requests Already Flooding In For Park Yoochun’s ‘I Miss You’
-Broadcasting Companies Fighting To Get Hallyu Stars Like Kim Jaejoong
-Overseas Publication Rights Certified, Even With Low Viewer Ratings
-High Anticipation Buzzing Already For U-Know Yunho’s ‘Queen of Ambition’

The rules for casting actors for dramas are changing.

Though popular top stars continue to be the most sought after actors on the list, idol-turned-actors are showcasing a powerful presence that is on par with them. Though idol stars appearing in dramas isn’t new in the industry, they now possess a worth in their appearance alone, leaving the controversies and viewers’ ratings that had once been considered in the past behind them.

This is because of overseas publication rights. The idol stars’ value in the overseas market is growing exponentially these days to the point that representatives have commented, “All we need is for the drama to sell well overseas, even if it fails domestically.” A casting war now takes place over idol stars as their appearance in dramas ensures additional profits through exporting overseas publication rights, even if the dramas record low ratings in Korea.

The ‘hottest’ stars broadcasting companies are fighting over are celebrities like Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Choi Siwon and U-Know Yunho. They have risen as blue chips of the industry with their stable acting talent and popularity.

Park Yoochun is currently acting in MBC’s ‘I Miss You’. Thanks to his name value, countries such as Japan, China, and Taiwan are already making enquiries about overseas publication rights. SBS’ new drama ‘Queen of Ambition’, which will begin airing next January, is also reaping in the benefits of having an idol star on the cast list. Though the drama’s filming schedule was delayed due to problems in casting roles, it was immediately thrust into the spotlight overseas when it decided to include TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho in the cast list. The same goes for Kim Myeong Min and Jung Ryeo Won’s ‘King of Dramas’. Thanks to Super Junior’s Choi Siwon’s popularity overseas, offers are flooding in for overseas publication rights. Kim Jaejoong’s debut drama ‘Protect the Boss’ set the record by being exported to 30 countries. His next piece ‘Dr. Jin’ was also exported to 20 countries.

A representative of a drama production company stated, “Not all Hallyu stars have the same name value,” and “Idol stars have become a business model.”

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