Hyun Bin discharged from military

Actor Hyun Bin is finally returning to his fans after serving his military duties for a year and nine months.

On December 6, Hyun Bin was discharged from the military service. He attended a small discharge ceremony at the Headquarters Marine Corps in Kyunggi-do and talked about his strong desire to act again.

Hyun Bin stated, “It’s snowing and the conditions are not ideal, I would like to thank the fans and the press who’ve shown up today. 21 months ago, I promised that I would come out as a stronger person. I think I’ve kept that promise because I feel that I’ve become stronger and more confident. You’ve given me so much support that I was able to complete my military duty with a happy heart.”

Hyun Bin also shed tears saying, “I wanted to act so much.” He made his fans sad and worried by not being able to speak for a while. “Since I couldn’t act during my vacations, I’d go to places where hoobaes were acting and would watch them and think about it. But now, the time has come for me to be able to act again and as much as you’ve waited for me I’ll work hard and show you the acting I wanted to do.”