How does Seungri respond to a confession?

The type of girl you like & if you’ve been confessed to…!?

Q: Now for this spot I would like completely change and to touch upon V.I.’s love stories.

Yes, go right ahead!

Q: If you’re ever received a confession from someone you like, how did it go?
Huh, what do you mean by that? (confused) if I’ve been confessed to by someone I thought was cool person?

Q: Yes, exactly. “I, like you V.I….”
(interrupting) That’s enough.

Q: (laughs) With that light feeling?
Obviously I’d end it. If I received a confession from someone else, I’d say “No way,” and decline.

Q: Huh? Even to someone you like?
Likewise to someone I like, I’d decline.

Q: Why would you do that?
When she asks “why?” I’d say (with determined face) “ Because tomorrow, I’m confessing.”

Q: Ohhhhh!“ 
Besides, is the girl that spills it out first? Instead, I should have picked up on it” “Ah, I’m sorry” “Since you’ve told me it’s good. So, Let’s go out to eat.” (played both parts)

Q: It’s like I’m seeing a different person, the awesome manly side to the funny comedian V.I. I’ve seen up until now.
No~When I make up my mind, I commit all the way!

Q: And when you miss?
I’d break down and die.

Q: Clearly a comedian remark.
When I’m solo, I’m not Big Bang’s V.I., I do activities as the comedian, the talent V.I. (laughs)

Q: But the earlier reverse confession, beyond a doubt this is the musician V.I. that has traveled the world, women all over are falling in love.
(suddenly singing in a low and dandy tone) A ha ha ~

Q: Possibly now, did you channel Top?
Top is now working hard filming a movie! Besides, Top definitely doesn’t speak like that!

Q: Certainly. I guess it’s hard to even imagine a confession situation (laughs)
I mean, first of all a girl confessing in and of itself is unlikely.

Q: I apologize. You’re complaining about my question (strained laugh)
No no, its not that….Of course I’d be very happy with a confession from a girl or much less the person I liked, but still, the confession should be from the man!

Q: Are you a carnivore man so to speak?
Contrary to how it seems I’m masculine. Since I’m the youngest in big bang, hyungs always lead, so its possible I have the image of being not that reliable but truth is I’m the type that leads the girls.

Q: What a domineering husband!
Because I’m a man!

Q: By the way, the type of girls V.I. likes, what type are they?
I like energetic girls. I want to take in that energy from the person I like.

Q: Is it because you are always the one that energizes others, you want the person you like to energize you?
Yes. Without that my power would disappear. But, of course it wouldn’t be one-sided, I would love her wholeheartedly to an innumerable amount.

Q: So, If you were to go on a date with this person you like, where would you go, what would you do?
I’d want to go to Komasawa Park. At Komasawa Park the scenery is nice, the air is clean, I really like that place. We’d run around 3 or 4 times, build up a sweat, afterward I’d want to go eat curry.

Q: If you eat curry, you’d be sweating again. (laughs)
That’s still good.

Q: That’s refreshing. But, for a girl that doesn’t like working out, it’d be quite hard for her to run with V.I. who is always working out.
Of course if she can’t match my speed I would slow down. If she said “I’m exhausted” when I slow down, I’d instantly say “ Let’s walk.”

Q: That’s nice. When you’re walking doesn’t it have that feeling of following you!
If I’m seriously walking, she won’t be following me. This is a date, if we’re not walking together then it has no meaning.

Q: Certainly.
But, because I like an energetic girl, I’d expect her to enjoy running.

Q: I see!
Actually I’d probably say something if she was like ‘I’m exhausted~ Let’s walk.” To her I’d say, “You’re a man, get yourself together.”

Q: Scolding is the punchline (laughs)
When she realizes, I’d most likely be the one leading her.

Q: A haha~ But a health date is good! Making a link between dates and working out (laughs)
Its not just me, its good if it becomes a plus for both of us. If we’re with each other, from the bottom of our heart we talk about how fun it is, smiling faces are the best.

VVVI Style VOL 8:
His favorite women’s fashion and his date style…!?

Q: Speaking of Big Bang, you’re famous for being a fashionable group but what womens fashion do you like V.I.?
(Instantly answered) Dresses. For me, trousers are a no-go.

Q: Okay~. but there are many types of dresses.

The type that flutter in the wind (starts moving his hand to demonstrate)

Q: (laughs) so you like mini skirts.

Nah, mini-skirts or long skirts are okay. yeah~, How should I put this~( thinking for a bit) It came to me! Light airy skirts are what I like!

Q: Like lace? And, what color? white?

No, white is dangerous.

Q: What? dangerous?

What if when we’re together on a date wine spills on your clothes or something like that, you never know when that kind of situation can happen right?

Q: You’re right.. Stains do stand out the most on white.

That’s why I’m alright with any color other than white.

Q: So, all of V.I.’s fans, you have to wear a skirt in a color other than white when you go to concerts.

That or you can wear a dress please (laughs)

Q: Thats the requirement! By the way, What kind of clothes would you wear yourself on a date?

Well first I’d call her~ (pretending to be on the phone) “Brrrinnngg~ Um, how are you dressing today?” “Why~?” “Because I want to match!” (playing both parts)

Q: Oh!! Again you’re amazing!!

I would like to dress so that someone looking will know we’re a couple.

Q: So, what about a pair look (matching couple clothes)?


Q: Like a Panda-themed pair look?

Absolutely not! If we were to wear panda clothes, wouldn’t it just turn into two of me (laughs) ~Ahaha
I don’t hate it, but I could never do it I guess. (Laughs) If I were to do it, it would be in a more stylish way.

Q: Could you give me an idea?

Let’s say my date is wearing a black dress, I could wear a chic shirt or suit. If her clothes had a more bright casual feeling, I could wear a t shirt and jeans or some sort of active wear.

Q: So you both coordinate.

That way is fun right?

Q: Of course. You’ll have a sense of unity.

After, at her house “(looking at dates clothes) Today you’ll wear this” as I’m looking over her closet, I can quickly coordinate.

Q: Like a stylist (laughs)

When both our outfits come together, even just walking together it’ll be nice when we both think that “We suit each other~”

Q: By the way, when you go on the running date, will you have matching sportswear?

Nah~At that point its good that we don’t match.(laughs) But if she said she wanted to match,we could coordinate jerseys.

Q: Those last bits are certainly coming from your experiences in a group right?

For the five of us in Big Bang, the fashion style we each like is very different. It’s not that its just different, I feel we balance each other well as well. That’s what makes us Big Bang, one of Big Bang’s good points. Our MV image match our styles, for example, when its GD it’s these types of clothes, if its T.O.P he has that sort of feeling to him, having a similar concept that is based on your individual style, in the end the source is in fact the same.

Q: If it misses the mark, I guess it can’t be helped.

All the more reason to spend more time together!

Q: I look forward to seeing all of your different outfits on the Dome Tour!!

Please look forward to it! I also am looking forward to seeing the fashion of our fans! We have a lot of fashionable fans!

Q: So, V.I. fans,

If you can, wear a dress!! Not a white one (laughs)

Source: playbill@tumblr