Happy New Year 2013 from DKPOPNEWS Family

Happy New Year to all DKPOPNEWS' readers, i would like to thank everyone for supporting DKPOPNEWS for another wonderful year, our staff were busier than ever in 2012 with school and DKPOPNEWS at the same time, thanks to your love and support, we were able to contribute from time to time to deliver the latest KPop News.

Below are some messages from the DKPOPNEWS' team:

Annyeonghaseyo DKP readers! How are you guys? I'd like to greet everyone a prosperous New Year. Here we are, celebrating another new year together, thank you for the support you gave us in 2012. Please keep supporting DKP and KPOP in 2013 and we promise to show a better performance. You guys are our inspiration. Treasure the memories we had in 2012 and let's welcome 2013 with a big smile. Have a blissful day yeorobun! Saranghaeyo!


Wassup ‘Daily K Pop News’ readers!
I just want to wish you a (belated) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It has been great working for you and catering you with latest K-Entertainment news all this while. As you guys are our inspirations, I am looking forward to hearing more positive feedbacks and comments from you.
Let’s say goodbye to 2012 with a big smile, and wish you all the best this coming 2013. Thank you and we promise to work even harder for our loyal readers. Happy New Year again K-pop lovers! Fighting~!

Hello DKP readers. 2013 will come and greet us in less than 24 hours, are you guys feeling excited? I wish that all the good things will come to all of you in this new year. Thank you for always staying and supporting us until now, we will continue working harder in the future. Let's have more memories together in this 2013!^^

Hello to all Daily Kpop News readers! I am Shayne (KYUriShana)! It's been a whirlwind turn of events for this year, isn't? In behalf of our team, I would like to greet everyone a happy happy new year! Thank you for being with us. Reading your comments and feedbacks in our every posts becomes my source of passion. Hope you continue supporting us in the coming years! Let's spread Kpop love! Thank you do much!

To all Daily K-pop News loyal readers, I wish you enjoy the each day of the new year to come and wish you love, prosperity and happiness in the coming life. May this new year fulfill your life with light. May your new self-being be as beautiful as the firecrackers that adorn the night sky. Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone, especially DKP royal readers. 2013 is coming soon! Are you ready to say goodbye to 2012? Let's welcome a better year with much love, luck and happiness. Wish you all the best in 2013. I and DKP staffs are happy to receive your love and support. Hope you keep loving us more and more. We will try to bring you a more successful year. Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR (

Last but not least, my new year message:

KC Ooi
Hi everyone, DKPOPNEWS might not be the best KPop site around but i believe that all of us have done our very best. 2013 might be an even tougher year.

So we sincerely hope that you will continue to support us and one request from the team, please comment more often after reading our posts, your support is highly appreciated, cheers and Happy New Year

Happy New Year