Girls’ Generation unveils ‘I Got A Boy’ tracklist

The tracklist for Girls’ Generation’s upcoming fourth Korean album ‘I Got A Boy’ has been revealed.

To be released on January 1, 2013, ‘I Got A Boy’ album consists of 10 tracks of various genres. In addition to the pre-released track “Dancing Queen”, the album will include the title track of the same name which was produced by Dsign Music, the same composer team which produced “Genie”, as well as Korean composer Yoo Youngjin.

“I Got A Boy” has set as its main theme “girl talk”, and so will contain lyrics that sound as if they’re snippets of a gossiping session between girls and their friends.

The album will be released with ten different covers, nine of which will be individual jackets that show a single member of Girls’ Generation and one which will be a group photo.


1. I Got a Boy
2. Dancing Queen
3. Baby Maybe
4. 말해봐
5. Promise
6. Express 999
7. 유리아이
8. Look at Me
9. XYZ
10. 낭만길