f(x)’s Sulli is the reincarnation of a Gisaeng from 100 years ago?

f(x)’s Sulli recently attracted a lot of attention for having big similarities with a Korean Gisaeng (similar to Japanese Geisha) from 100 years ago.

A photo was uploaded in an internet community with the title “Joseon gisaeng, Lee Nan Hyang” showing f(x)’s Sulli being compared to Lee Nan Hyang.

Lee Nan Hyang was born back in 1900 and passed away in 1979. She was a gisaeng known for her beauty and singing. Lee Nan Hyang studied under the masters of music of that time and was one of the first to record music in Korea.

She become a hot topic because of her strong resemblance to Sulli. Many people saw a strong resemblance, both having big eyes, drooped eyelids, small lips, sharp nose and milky-white skin.

Do they look alike?