DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul sponsors snack cart for the poor

Kim Chang Ryul of group DJ DOC will engage in charity work for poor neighbors by operating a one-day charity snack cart (pojangmacha).

The entertainment company ENT 102, which represents Kim, announced that “Kim will sponsor a one-day chrarity snack cart, along with comedian Han Min-gwan, groups Fresh Boys and Wonder Boys, also represented by ENT 102, at Sinchon ‘Palzamakchang’ in Seodaemun-gu, western Seoul, starting 7 p.m. on Dec. 26 to raise the money to help needy people.”

During the charity campaign, events such as “auction of celebrity belongings” and “Roller-skating rink dance time” will be held, led by Han min-gwan and Kim Chang Ryul, respectively. Guests will be served by ENT 102 artists.

Many celebrities and sports stars who are acquainted with Kim Chang Ryul donated their belongings for the celebrity belongings auction

Kim said, “We prepared the event to present our needy neighbors with a ‘warm-hearted winter’ in the year-end season.”

Source: KBS