Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul and Han Hye Jin split up after 9 years

Brown Eyed Soul’s vocalist Naul and actress Han Hye Jin have broken up, bringing an end to their nine-year relationship.

A representative from Han Hye Jin’s agency revealed on December 21, “It is true that Han Hye Jin and Naul have broken up. However, as it is their personal lives, we cannot reveal the details or exactly when they broke up.”

The rep added, Because it was hard for them to meet even once in a month because of their busy schedules, we believe they just naturally grew apart. Since Han Hye Jin and Naul are the ones who are suffering the most, please give them your support.”

Naul’s agency also confirmed the breakup and revealed, “Naul avoided revealing when they broke up, but he seems quite okay now. He finished recording his radio program today as usual.”