Block B’s Kyung & P.O release full audio of “I’m Embarrassed, Don’t Laugh”

Block B’s Kyung has just unveiled the full audio of “I’m Embarrassed, Don’t Laugh” featuring his fellow member, P.O!

On December 3, Kyung posted on Block B’s official fan cafe, “Hello this is Park Kyung.
I’ve brought a surprise present today. It’s a song that I made in the past for a concert called ‘I’m Embarrassed, Don’t Laugh’. But during that that it wasn’t complete, so I couldn’t reveal it.”

He continued, “Also, because it is a song that I made a while ago, I wanted to reveal it like ‘tadah~’ with the bridge part filled and the rap rewritten, but I wasn’t able to because of time constraints so I’m uploading the guide version that’s been recorded.”

Kyung concluded with a sweet message for the fans saying, It’s gotten cold recently, so be careful of the flu, and please listen to it nicely.”

Check out audio below!

Credit: youngha@BLOCKBINTL