BEAST Dongwoon’s Father, the Hidden Hand behind BEAST’s Success?

The success of idol group BEAST includes member’s Son Dongwoon’s father?

Recently BEAST’s youngest member Son Dongwoon’s father, Son IlRak who is a professor for hotel management, has revealed that ‘secondary strategy’ as to the secret to the success of one of the best Hallyu idol group, BEAST.

BEAST made their debut in 2009. As they were trainees rejected from SM, JYP, YG and other companies, they have received sore attention as the ‘Recycled Group’ when they debuted. However, 3 years later, these guys today not only has shown their necessary skills needed in the industry, but has also risen as a Hallyu group that puts on an outstanding performance.

Towards this, Son Dongwoon’s father, Professor Son IlRak expressed, “BEAST are idols that have failed once. Even in the company, they frustrated about this image a lot. Having said that, I thought that we should not conceal this fact. (Instead) we should acknowledge this fact and go out with this”, and “My Ph.D dissertation was on marketing positioning strategy. There is a secondary strategy in this case. So, I’ve written and sent a proposal to the agency’s representative,” he revealed.

Followed this, Professor Son continued, “Secondary strategy is virtually our family business,” not forgetting to show his endless love for BEAST.

Meanwhile, BEAST will be launching their very first star video bell apps ‘B2uty Ring’ while participating in various activities, so as to rise as a Hallyu Group that reaches beyond the local industry and into the Asian market.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: OBS News