B2ST’s Yoseob, Seo In Young and Yoon Sang become coaches for ‘The Voice of Kids’

After a successful season 1, the popular competition show ‘Voice Korea’ will be returning for season 2 with a new roster of coaches. The big names too look forward to are Yoon Sang, Seo In Young, and Yang Yoseob of B2ST.

The upcoming season will shift its focus to zone in more on the younger age group. The coaches are thus expected to show a more humanistic, soft side for the contestants, expected to mostly range from 6-14 years of age.

The head producer for the show, Oh Kwang Suk, explained the reasoning behind the show’s change in direction, noting that while working on shows like ‘Superstar K’ and ‘Voice Korea’, he realized how many talented youngsters there were out there. Thus he wanted a separate show to focus more on this age demographic. Aside from that, the format of the show is expected to be the same as season 1. This will consist of preliminary rounds, followed by the assignment of coaches to each team via blind auditions.

The first episode of season two will air January 4, 2013.

Source: KBS