B2ST’s Hyunseung, A Pink’s Eunji & Namjoo to sing “One Year Ago” for A Cube’s project album

B2ST’s Hyunseung, A Pink’s Eunji and Namjoo will be teaming up for the second ‘A Cube For Season’ project album.

Recently, a picture of the three idols started spreading on the internet. The picture which surfaced on the 28th of December shows the trio seated together in a cafe, giving off a friendly feeling.

A Cube Entertainment dropped the details regarding the upcoming collaboration saying, “The three will be releasing a project album, ‘One Year Ago’. B2ST’s Yang Yoseop and A Pink’s Jung Eunji released their project album ‘LOVE DAY’ as a part of a project called ‘A Cube For Season’, and this upcoming one is the continuity of it.”

The agency continued, “Their harmony will bring another great experience to many music fans, and it will be released on January 3rd.”