B1A4 on Sukira!

Super Junior's Ryeowook asked B1A4 members some questions during Sukira. 

Ryeowook asking trivia questions: “Among B1A4, whose brain is the quickest?”
Baro: If the question was reversed, it’d be CNU hyung. Channie’s memory is really amazing. And of course, I would belong to the “good memory” group. Actually, everyone’s brain but Sandeul’s is pretty good.
Sandeul: No! I don’t think so, Baro. Everyone else is smart , except for Baro.
Baro: Well, we’ll settle it today then! **his immature/elementary side is coming out**

Ryeowook: There was a poll about “What male idol do you most want to spend Christmas with?” If Lee Seung Gi ended up in 2nd place, then who do you think was 1st?
Baro: Of course it’s B1A4’s Baro!
Ryeowook: Even though it would make sense, unfortunately no...
(First place is Song Joong Ki.)

Ryeowook surprised CNU and asked,
R: “There have been many female rookie groups, who do you have good feelings about?”
(This foolish bear finally learned to be smarter, and didn’t immediately answer who. He took it slow and said,
CNU: “I’ve always liked Senior Fin.KL …”
As a result, everyone just groaned and complained.
The big bear [T/N: CNU] said his favorite was Senior Lee Hyori. [Fine, that’s a safe and good choice. You win.]

source: http://weibo.com/shinwoocnu
chin-eng trans cr: lilstarriegrl @ AVIATEB1A4