'B1A4' is a group of great caliber!

Proved themselves as a talented group through "Immortal Song 2".
Solid and strong vocal, plus stage expressiveness.

Group B1A4 showed off their aspects as "talented idol" through KBS2 'Immortal Song 2 - Singing the Legend" (a.k.a 'Immortal Song 2'). They won their first victory on 'Ha Chunhwa Special" with "Arirang Mokdong" and immediately, during "Lee Yong Special", Sandeul stood on stage alone and greatly moved the listeners with "Forgotten Season". During "Deceased- Baeho Special" they received favorable comments with their musical-like performance of "The Raining Street of Myeongdong".

B1A4 revealed their thoughts, "Standing on stage itself is very fun and makes our hearts flutter" and continued, "We do feel the burden but we think that the opportunity of preparing different stages is a very good advantage. Especially, getting the chance to reinterpret and then performing the songs of the legend is the greatest asset."

It was Sandeul's "Forgotten Season" stage that became an issue among B1A4's performances. With his captivating voic and surprising vocal, he completely shattered the stereotype of an idol, moving Lee Yong to tears and achieved a precious result- beating "the King of Kings", Sweet Sorrow.

While recalling this stage, Sandeul said "Because we were filming the music video of our new track, I didn't get to sleep for 2 days, and since I went to record without getting much sleep I wasn't in a good state." and continued, "I was feeling uneasy from the beginning so I resigned when my voice cracked at the start. But when I kept everything down, I could see the audience and my thoughts became more clear so I started concentrating more from then. Fortunately, I didn't lose my voice so I could continue singing till the end.", smiling with relief.

B1A4 dreams to gain recognition from more people through "Immortal Song 2". They said, "Through this stage, perhaps more people got to know us and we were extremely happy when there were many "I didn't know about B1A4 but they are unexpectedly good" reactions.  We heard that many different age group fans called our company. We will continue to show better performances and stamp a seal that says, "B1A4 is a group that naturally does well."", and conveyed their determination. 

Article Credits: The daily focus + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: Mochi Muffins @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM