B1A4 for @Style Vol. 6 - Japanese Ver.

Q. We heard that Gongchan decided not to attend university this year....
Gongchan: I don't regret. I decided not to because I wanted to achieve my dreams.... But someday I want to study hard and study at the university.

Q. A movie or a song that you would recommend for Christmas?
Baro: Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you", and I really like the movie, "Home Alone". I know the story well but when Christmas approaches, I somehow want to watch it again. And "Rush Hour" is good too, I also recommend "Batman 2".
Sandeul: As for the song it's "White Christmas" and the movie is "Home Alone". I rewatch the scene of Kevin applying toner and lotion many times. (laughs)
Jinyoung: It's Ashanti's "Christmas time Again". The movie is "Eraser in my head" (a.k.a "A moment to remember"). During winter I want to watch sad movies.
Gongchan: It's Taylor Swift's "We are never ever getting back together". This is always the first song I listen to. I play this song without any reason. I would recommend "The Hobbit" which is releasing soon.
CNU: I'm a fan of Primary, he released a new album and I'd like to recommend "Poison" featured by senior E-Sens. As for the movie I recommend "My love". Four men went to watch it together and my friend kept on crying but I was controlling myself....(laughs)

Q. Gongchan, you recently recieved a surgery, how are you feeling now?
Gongchan: Actually I even went to the hospital yesterday but they said I was normal. I have to receive regular checkup every year and after my surgery I eat less salty or spicy food than other people and try to eat non spicy dishes. I also drink 1.5 liters of water everyday. It's hard to change my eating habits because I used to really like salty and spicy food. (laughs)

Q. The lady you want to spend the Christmas together?
Sandeul: I think it would be interesting to hold a fanmeet and spend Christmas together with the fans.
Jinyoung: I think it would be exciting to spend the Christmas together with our fans! I want to spend the time together with many people.
Baro: I couldn't spend Christmas together with my family for almost 5 years. I want to spend it together with my younger sister especially since I don't have a Christmas memory with her.
Gongchan: My grandmother and my grandfather. I went to visit my father and mother during break but I don't think I visited my grandparents. Even when I used to visit my grandparents' place during weekends, I would be watching TV in the living room and they would be in their room.... If I get a chance, I would like to visit them.

Q. The most happiest moment of the day?
Baro: The moment I lie in bed after shower! I really like the warmth when I'm inside the blanket. I recently changed to winter blanket and it's very warm and nice.
Sandeul: Just before I fall asleep. I think the moment I'm about to sleep is when I'm relaxed the most.
Jinyoung: When we are eating?
Gongchan: When I'm taking a shower after finishing everything. I like the feeling of washing all the tiredness away.
CNU: When you are exhausted, isn't taking a shower even tiring? So for me it's when I lie in bed after the shower.

Q. Summer and winter, which season do you like more?
Baro: I don't really like both but it would be winter. When it's hot it doesn't matter how much you take off your clothes because it's still hot but when it's cold, you just have to keep on layering. (laughs) I like spring but I like autumn more. I like thicker clothes.
Sandeul: I like both but if I had to choose it would be winter. I like spring and autumn too but I really like snowboarding so I like winter!
Jinyoung: That's a tough question but I like winter too. Should I say that it kind of makes people feel sentimental... or emotional...
Gongchan: I like summer. When it's winter my skin becomes dry and suffer from rhinitis....
CNU: I don't really like both seasons.... I like winter more when I was small but as I grew, I prefer autumn more.

Q. Tell us about your exclusive concert.
Gongchan: This is our first solo stage for our fans so we are nervous but I'm looking forward to know how much you guys would like our concert. We often thought, "How should we perform for our fans to like?" while we practiced our songs. Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter and I get goosebumps.
CNU: It's something that I've always dreamed about as a child so I'm looking forward and I feel nervous too but for now, I'm planning to enjoy it. But honestly I do wish the time to pass more slowly. There is pressure and we wish we could practice more to show you many different sides of us which are different from what we've shown so far.

Q. The pros and cons faced after becoming famous?
CNU: We are still not that famous but I feel extremely happy when my parents and people around us think that we make them proud. I still can't find the cons. I'm just grateful and happy.
Gongchan: I feel really happy when others recognize us when we are walking on the road.
Jinyoung: No one recognized us before when we walked on the road but it's really amazing because people recognize us now. The difficulty is when I go out without any makeup, I do feel a little self conscious. Perhaps it could be because it has become a habit of mine but there are times when I feel uneasy.
Baro: The pro is because my parents feel proud of me, that stopped them from nagging (laughs). A con or something that makes me feel awkward and difficult is when people suddenly ask for autographs when we are filming.

Q. Plans for Christmas?
Gongchan: I'd like to play Manito game with our members. Giving an item or a presents which suits that member and write  letters for them.
CNU: That's right, we've played Manito game long time ago.
Jinyoung: I would like to hold a Christmas concert. Don't you think a live concert for all singles would be nice? We are singles too so a singles only party!
CNU: I think we would be practicing for our next album.
Sandeul: If we don't have any schedule... and if it snows, I would like to walk in the snow. Listening to carols while walking alone down the street, I would like to feel the Christmas with my whole body.
Baro: I think we are likely to be working. Last year, we were listening to Christmas carols in our car on our way home after finishing our schedule and when I looked at the trees decorated with lights I was quite sad.

Q. The most recent thing that you are interested in?
Gongchan: Because of the cold and the temperature drop, I began listening to pop songs that fit winter. I even listen to them when I'm sleeping.
CNU: I'm searching for new choreography or dance moves which are different from what we've done till now. I look at how our members do the moves and how other singers do it too. I'm looking for something unique instead of an ordinary choreography.
Jinyoung: For me it's dancing. I was interested in it even before but for our current performance, we watched many dance videos because it was something different from our previous performances. So I started becoming more interested in dancing. I have more interest in new performances and I find searching for cooler ones enjoyable.
Baro: Composing songs!
Sandeul: As expected, it's singing. I have been practicing a lot because I want to express many various genres but because I'm impatient and quick tempered there are many times when I can't do it properly...

Q. What do you do during your off day?
Baro: I'm taking lessons these days. I try to make time to develop myself to prepare for our albums.
CNU: That's right... We often don't get off days at the same time with members but we're mostly at the lesson room during our free time. To develop myself too.

Q. What kind of daddy would you like to become?
CNU: Even I want to let my children to do what they want to but I think I'll be very happy if it's music. Not as their job but if they enjoy music as their hobby, I would be very happy.
Gongchan: I would like to have one boy and one girl. And I would like to let my children do whatever they want to do. If they want to study, I would create the best studying environment and if they want to develop their talent, I want to become a father who can help them to develop.
Jinyoung: Always on weekends, my father liked to take our family somewhere to play together so every week we traveled to different countryside. So I want to visit different places with my child and wife and live happily.

Q. A member you think who has the most compatible personality?
Baro: Everyone except Sandeul (laughs)
Sandeul: Same here, everyone except Baro (laughs)
Gongchan: All member's personalities are compatible. I think because our personalities are different, our personalities are compatible.
CNU: If I have to pick one, I will pick Gongchan. It's obvious to have different opinions since we are people but Gongchan accepts all kinds of childish jokes... (laughs)

Q. Your goal for 2013?
CNU: I will work hard for people to become our fans and not only recognize us. I wish to become a group that brings smile to people when they listen to our music. I think that's our mission.
Gongchan: I think the same as our members and personally, I wish to become more manly.

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