A Christmas card from B1A4 has arrived♪

This is the second Christmas we’re spending with BANAs. Last year I sent out a Christmas card to BANAs with a nervous heart… Time really flies, doesn’t it…? What are BANAs’ plans for Christmas? How about spending this Christmas with your family? Your parents will be really happy if you watch movies and ate out with them! I will also spend an enjoyable Christmas with the members. Lastly, thank you and I love you for loving B1A4 throughout the year. You know that to us, BANAs are the best, right? I love you♥

BANAs~ Christmas is back~ㅎㅎ Do you have any plans on Christmas~? It’ll be nice to make beautiful memories while eating delicious foods and spending an enjoyable time with your loved ones. Ah! The weather has gotten much colder, so dress warmly, don’t get hurt and play safely~ It’s a big problem if you slip and fall on frozen roads~ Please have an enjoyable Christmas, and always be happy~ Bye~!!
- CNU -

Merry~ Christmas♥ To. BANA♥
Hohoho~ Santa Sandeul who comes without fail every year~ is here again~♥.♥ There is nothing I can give you, except my love~♪ There is nothing I can give you, except my heart~ Aaaaaaaaah~ Even so… You’ll~ love me right~?? In this Christmas, receive my present and have a warm Christmas~ BANA!! I love you♥

Ho~ho~ho~ Hello BANAs~!! I’m Baro~ Ho~ho~ho~ What could our BANAs be doing right now?? Hm.. I have brought a present for everyone. (TADAH!) Please secretly look at what’s inside when you’re alone~ I have to go drop off presents for someone else now. Everyone, please make many beautiful memories, and have an enjoyable Christmas~ Merry Christmas~
BANA-ya.. I like you guys.. the.. best..
by. Ssanta Baro, hohoho

To. BANA-ya!
Merry Christmas~♥ It’s the second Christmas for us together~! Throughout this year, BANAs have been our strength! Next year, the year after next, we’re going to be together too, right? Do spend an enjoyable Christmas with your family, I always ♥ you.
- Gongchan -

Source: B1A4′s Official Site
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com