4minute-BEAST United Cube Concert, To Be Held Next Year

4minute, BEAST and many more singers signed under Cube Entertainment will be organizing their 2nd  ’United Cube Concert’ in Korea, China and Japan next year.

On the 3rd, according to Cube Entertainment, ‘United Cube Concert’ will be putting on an even more glamorous stage which includes 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, as well as BTOB and Roh JiHoon who debuted this year. Following requests from different countries, Cube Entertainment will be pushing forward the expected plan for the concert.

United Cube Concert will be held firstly in China on the 26th January 2013, followed by Seoul on February 2nd, and in Japan on the 21st February.

Previously, ‘United Cube Concert’ was kicked start in August last year in Seoul, and had even attracted 10,000 fans in Japan concert. Cube Entertainment artists then invaded England and Brazil, becoming a leader in spreading the K-POP wave.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Osen