'26 Years' Im Seulong, "Presidential election? If only a lot more people in their 20s voted"

Nobody had looked forward to Im Seulong's (25) acting skills. It was no doubt that he has a firm spot as a singer, but it was hard to see him as an actor. It's not because of fear that his acting will be bad, but it's because he hasn't been acting that much. Sure enough, he acted in the drama "Personal Taste," a one-episode drama "Lunchbox," and the independent film "Acoustic," but they didn't leave a deep impression on the audience. Unlike most idols and actors who would be afraid at the warning "If you can't hold a big role on your first time," this man was quietly moving people's hearts little by little. And that effort can be seen clearly in <26 years="years">.

◆ <26 years="years">, a work piece that is responsible for the rebirth of Im Seulong as an actor

"As a singer, all I did was set a goal and just go for it. To be No.1 and to be the best, but acting has made me into a calmer person. I came to grasp myself even more as I watched myself on the screen, I came to appear as a new person and I had developed a calmer mindset."

The movie <26 years="years"> had become the turning point for him. At the silly question of what's the difference between a drama and a movie, he answered, "Before a drama or a movie is released and shared with other people, you'll become different with each of them. Especially for <26 years="years">, I think I've changed the most before and after this movie." 

"The works I've done before <26 years="years">, I did them without knowing the right way and just worked hard on them. I listened to the advise given by the seniors and just followed after them. During the preparation period for <26 years="years">, I had properly received acting classes and watched a lot of movies, plays, and musicals by myself in a more serious manner. Since I was filming this movie with a mindset of an actor, it was a new experience."

Whilst preparing for <26 years="years">, studying acting wasn't the only thing that he did. He claimed, "I wasn't really the type of person who was interested in politics or social welfare before, but as I started filming for this movie, I've started subscribing to 2, 3 newspaper companies." In order to fully understand what the film is about, he thought it was important on understanding how it really happened.

Can people see his sincere effort though? <26 years="years"> has only been released to the public for 6 days and has already grabbed over a million views by the 4th day. And with that, Im Seulong was strongly determined as he said, "If it passes 5 million views, I'll do anything."

◆ "Something that you deeply regret while acting for this movie? I'm reminded of the trials and errors."

He said the first thing he grasped about the movie <26 years="years"> was the original webtoon made by Kang Full. "I enjoyed the original webtoon and the scenarios were very interesting, so I thought I have to do this."

But there have been a lot of rumors going on saying that the movie's plotline has changed a lot from the original one. There were especially a lot of opinions saying that Im Seulong's character, Jung Hyeok, would be a failure. But even so, this man who has always been meticulous with details said he had already knew about this.

"Although to the viewers there may be a lot of disappointing points, I'm fine with it. Nevertheless, the movie's plotline was based on the original webtoon, so Jung Hyeok was still an emotionally unstable psycho. So I had to shoot every scene twice. One for the unstable and aggressive part of me, and one for the less aggressive part of me, like this. And then, in order to balance it out with the overall storyline, I think for the most part, the less aggressive version of the scenes gets chosen instead."

When asked whether he doesn't have any regretful scenes while acting for this movie, he answered, "More than the feeling of regret, I'm reminded of the trials and errors."

"Actually, there was a scene where I would ask Mr. Choi Gyejang, "What will happen to me now?" as he gave me a bottle of milk and a piece of bread. The line was supposed to be said as you're filled with fear, but in real life, I thought you wouldn't even be able to say a word if you were really feeling that afraid. I thought, wouldn't it be better if it were shown through your stare or by your hesitant words, but since this was a movie and how you convey your lines were much more important, I had a lot of worries. Surely on my future movies, I'd want to show a much better side of me."

◆ "Presidential election? If only a lot more people in their 20s voted"

We've opened the topic of the presidential election to him, who has been reading newspapers as of lately. Since it's a sensitive question, we thought he'd be avoiding it, but instead he answered it full of concern and determination.

"I truly don't know who'll get chosen, I think we'll have to look out on this for a bit longer. But I know one thing for sure, we have to vote. It's no doubt that the nation has the right for democracy. And more than anything, it'd be even better if only a lot more people in their 20s voted too."

Im Seulong is really great with words. Every time I throw out a question, his answer follows by ever so smoothly. And not to mention how his answers are always straightforward and determined. Through this interview, it was found out that the "matured young man" image was created right after his debut. I thought wasn't that a bit burdensome for him.

"I did think that I had to do a better job to live up to that image, but I didn't feel burdened by it. Because I am what I am. I think the reason why many people told me that I was matured is because not many people my age would have a big ambition or were that determined in chasing their dreams. Even though I did think that I should be doing a much better job, I have not once felt burdened by it."

And I wonder what was his ambition and dreams were.

"As an actor, I want to show more variety and a matured side of me. Because until now, all the roles I've played so far are the role of a fresh young man. While as a singer, as I continue walking on the road 2AM have been walking so far, I also want to try and go as a solo singer. Without any limitation on what kind of music genre it is."

While 2AM are scheduled to greet their fans again with a new album by the end of January next year, with a heart filled desire to act, Im Seulong exclaimed, "I definitely want to film another movie during the first half of next year."

Reporter Lee Go Woon
Credit e2news
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