YoungJi, Revealed as BEAST and 4minute’s Former Music Teacher

Bubble Sisters’ former member YoungJi appeared to be BEAST and 4minute’s music teacher.

Singer YoungJi had appeared on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ and had introduced herself as the first singer of Cube Entertainment.

On this day, YoungJi revealed herself, that, “I’m a former member of Bubble Sister” and, “I was the first singer of Cube Entertainment that houses BEAST and 4minute.”

Followed by this, the MCs said, “YoungJi-ssi was  BEAST and 4minute’s music teacher, this is true” and YoungJi continued, “Yes. I gave lessons to BEAST and 4minute, I myself, left the company,” while causing laughter on the set.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: Newsen