Yesung sings 'The king of drama' OST

Super Junior's Yesung will take part in 'The king of Drama' OST to support his fellow member, Choi Si Won.

Choi Si Won is receiving so many good comments on his acting with his new character, Kang Hyun Min, a top star in 'The king of Drama'

The song Yesung will sing is 'Because I was blinded by love'. It will be played during the argument scenes of Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min), a lonely producer who tried to bring his fame back and Lee Go Eun (Jung Ryeo Won), a writer who wanted to write a masterpiece drama.

Jwa Seung Sam, a person who is in charge of producing 'The king of drama' OST shared, "'Because I was blinded by love' is a fresh song which goes well with Yesung's strong and warm voice. Yesung is also a close friend of Choi Si Won, which made it more meaningful".

Yesung is deserved to be called 'the new king of OST' with so many hits such as “It has to be you” (Cinderella’s Sister), “That Girl Over Flowers” (I do I do), “For One Day” (Warrior Baek Dong Soo) and the latest one “Because I was blinded by love” (The king of Drama). 

'The king of Drama', starring Kim Myung Min, Jung Ryeo Won, Choi Si Won broadcast every Monday and Tuesday on 9:55pm on SBS.

Source: bnt news
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews