What's inside Dongwoo-Sungyeol-Sungjong bags?

Infinite, who has finished their big run of Arena Tours in Japan. Let’s look into the members, who have successfully ended even their encore performances for the ‘Arena Tours’, which are meaningful as an artist! Infinite, who spent a more meaningful year than anyone else. Examining the true thoughts of the three members, Dongwoo, Sungyeol, and Sungjong starts now.

◆ Jang Dongwoo, You Can Do It

As Infinite’s Dongwoo, I became more bold and masculine through his members. It was as if I had found brothers. Should I say that they brought the affection only brothers can give to me, who only had 2 older sisters?

When I first met the members… They all had their own personalities. Although Sunggyu hyung seemed to be macho, he wasn’t really interested in clothes or styles, and his largest interest was just in food. ^^

For Woohyun, I only remember his eyes that were full of passion. It seemed like he firmly went in a slightly strange direction? I think he’s much better to see now than before. The thing that didn’t change is his love for the members..

Hoya was a ‘dancing fool’. He solved everything with dancing. His life and style was strong since our first meeting! Sungyeol looked like someone who really only studied. Someone who wears glasses and is tidy. But he’s really simple and innocent to the point where you can understand everything about him after meeting him three times.

L? To be honest, he was so quiet that he didn’t leave an impression on me. I thought he couldn’t speak Korean ^^ Sungjong was much more active and full of energy back then than he is now. Because my first impression of him was delicate, my instincts to protect him rose ^^

There was a time near our debut where the members and our company’s staff members did volunteer work, but I feel really happy even now when I think about it. Because it still remains as a large memory, I want to hurry and do volunteer work if I’m given the chance.

The most important thing to me right now is ‘time’. There are many things I want to do, but time isn’t waiting for me. When my mind feels hasty, I look into the mirror and hold my mind by saying, ‘You can do it!’.

2012 was the year where the Infinite members and I personally became a step more matured. The year where we became stronger mentally and where the members were able to be together more. Let’s continue to work hard and do our best!

★ Surprise Bag Check!

My bag! And what’s inside is… To be honest, there’s really nothing special ^^

First off, there’s a pencil case and an instructional DVD for the bass! My sunglasses and a wallet! There’s also my journal and gum too! Although it might seem a bit weird, I also carry around my bankbooks ㅎㅎ A comb and perfume! A case for my earrings, and our concert script, the most important thing! I also have a charger, and uhm… And a strange Mickey Mouse? too! Hahaha.

Ah, I also have Leader Gyu’s solo debut CD! I personally bought it~~^^
◇ Lee Sungyeol, The Year Where Many Things Came True

I’ve lately been spending my time looking at monkey pictures. I had a lot of interest in monkeys ever since a long time ago, but it starting coming up again. I feel like we could be friends for some reason…

‘The way people look at me’ and ‘the way I look at myself’ aren’t that different. I often hear that I’m a person who’s always bright and innocent, but I think I’m like that as well. And my honest personality! I think that’s my largest ‘weapon’.

Before I became part of Infinite, I was burdened by the fact that I would have to carry my own future. But it’s not like that now! Because I have my reliable hyungs and dongsaengs, I feel confident. First off, L really didn’t speak, so he gave me no impression. And I thought of Sunggyu hyung as the hyung that was hard to talk to? And thought Woohyun hyung was the considerate hyung. Dongwoo hyung was the extremely scary hyung! And Hoya was a blunt person. Because Sungjong is normally pretty, I thought he was a female trainee ^^ When I look back and think about it, it’s all the complete opposite! Seems like I’m bad with impressions…

Now they’re all very important people to me!

If I never became a member of Infinite, I think I would been doing something out of the ordinary, something special. Probably… a job where I educate animals?

I like animals. So the gift I remember the most are ‘dog clothes’. I didn’t tell anyone that I had a puppy, but they prepared it, so I remember it the most.

There are many things that came true for me in 2012, and I think the members also did well, step by step. Fighting so that I can become a Sungyeol who continues to improve in the future as well!!

★ Open Your Bag!

To be honest, I don’t carry around heavy things in my bag. But my bag just looks heavy in general? ^^

First off, my wallet! And if I were to show you the inside of my wallet, there’s no money… My entire fortune is 300 won! ㅎㅎㅎ I have nutritional supplements, and a card I carry around so that I can practice. I also carry around deodorant and perfume.

Sunglasses too! Huh? But there’s nothing in the case… I brought an empty case.. ㅎㅎㅎ

Drum sticks as well! It’s the item I treasure the most. I make sure to take it everywhere ^^

◆  Lee Sungjong, Will Show A New Side

Like then and now, my largest interest is in songs. Because I dreamed of becoming a singer ever since I was younger, I don’t do it idly. And since I can feel and experience many things while practicing, I’m working hard now as well!

And in the future, I want to become an all-around entertainer that is acknowledged by everyone. For that to happen, I should do my best, right? ‘Sungjong-ah, you’re doing well! Let’s just be a bit stronger!’

After meeting Infinite, my everything changed. Because I suddenly gained 6 hyungs, it felt like I became a person? ^^ Now they’re all important figures who I can’t do without.

People just think of me as the youngest, but I have a side to me that’s quite dependable and strong! ^^

2012 is now ending soon. It’s almost Christmas! My plans are… after finishing schedules with the members, we’ll probably say that we worked hard and eat beef ㅎㅎ ^^

Although the burden was big when we received a lot of love through ‘The Chaser’, I feel proud because I feel like I climbed well this year, step by step, just like any other time.

I’ll show you a different side of me that hasn’t been seen before in 2013!!

★ Ambush, Attack on His Bag!

Drumroll! Bag check! Although it seems very big, I don’t really have anything in it ^^ Let’s see… What’s in here..

Because it’s winter, hand cream is a must. I also have a watch. There’s my concert script, headphones, wi-fi… and a pencil case too!

I only carry around things that I really need!

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; naver ; take out with full credits