What do Korean stars compare their faces to?

We came across many recent photos of KPop artists comparing their faces to something else. Check out some photos collected by our staff showing KPop artists comparing their faces to some other objects.

Rainbow's Jae Kyung compared her face to a cookie. On November 6, she posted a photo through her twitter account with a title "Play hide and seek with a big cookie" big cookie or small face?

Girl's day member Min Ah also shared a cute photo on twitter comparing her face with a sesame leaf. The photo attracted attention because her face was tottally hidden by it.

SNSD's Jessica was also proud of her small face. Comparing her face with a waffle, her face was even smaller.

Have you ever compared your face with a hamburger? Is it in the same way as B.A.P Young Jae?

When we talk about small face, you can't forget Jang nara with this cute photo. This is the BTS photo of Jang nara when she appeared in drama 'Baby faced beauty'. If you want to know how small her face is, measure the iron's size!

Do you know that BoA also has a small face? She compared her face with a big cup of beer and fans commented,that's a huge cup of beer.

 Is this photo a ramyun advertisement or Yoo Chun small face advertisement?

Source: twitter
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews