Victoria and Kangta spend time with kids in Beijing

Victoria had a good time with kids for her community work in Beijing together with Kangta.
She wrote,

This time, with Kangta oppa, I spent two happy days at Beijing Yuzhu School. I saw the kids happily eating bread, making cakes, diligently writing down their aspirations, the look on their faces as they worked hard on their singing and dancing~ I hope that everyone can work towards their dreams heathily Posted Image And thanks to all the fans who kept on supporting and helping me in my community work~
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It's heartwarming to know that despite her busy schedule, she still manages to do community work wholeheartedly. Fans expresses their admiration through comments, "Victoria is so kind and huhmble!", "Obviously, she really had fun!Kangta also!", and etc.

Source: Victoria's Weibo
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