Tohoshinki, Anticipated New Single To Be Released On 16 Jan!!

It has been decided for the long-awaited new single to be released on 16 Jan 2013 (Wed)!!

This new single, which will be released around half a year since the last one, will include the Japanese version of “Catch Me”, the title track of the Korean album which was released September 2012, as well as a new Japanese original ballad track “I Know”!!
The DVD version (AVCK-79118/B) of this luxurious single will include two music videos for the first time, while the CD-only version (AVCK-79120) will include a CD-Extra with live footage of “Maximum” which was performed during A-Nation.

【Product Description】
Release Date: 2013.1.16
NEW SINGLE [Title Undetermined]

■CD+DVD <”First” for Tohoshinki!! Includes 2 Music Videos!!>
【First Press Limited Edition AVCK-79118/B】【Regular Edition AVCK-79089/B】
¥2,100 (tax included)

1. Catch Me (tentative)
2. I Know
3. Catch Me (tentative) -Less Vocal-
4. I Know -Less Vocal-

Catch Me (tentative) -Video Clip-
I Know -Video Clip-
Catch Me(Tentative) Off-shoot Movie ※Only included in the first press limited edition

【First Press Limited Edition Bonus】
Includes a jacket-size card (1 random design from 6 types)
DVD includes off-shoot clip

■CD Only<Includes digital movie in CD-EXTRA!!>
【First Press Limited Edition・Regular Edition AVCK-79120】
¥1,050 (tax included)

[CD] CD-only Version tracklist
1. Catch Me (tentative)
2. I Know
3. I Know -unplugged version-
4. Catch Me (tentative) -Less Vocal-
5. I Know -Less Vocal-

MAXIMUM(a-nation stadium fes.ver)

【First Press Limited Edition】
Includes a jacket-size card (1 random design from 6 types)
Includes luxurious 12-page booklet

■Bigeast Version【AVC1-79121】¥735 (tax included)

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※Reservations for the Bigeast limited specials will begin at 4pm on 21 Nov.

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