The Tension Of World Star Kim Jaejoong Of ‘Code Name: Jackal’?

World star Kim Jaejoong was very nervous.

To everyone, the word ‘first’ has a very deep meaning. If the singer has the first record, the actor has the first movie/drama. To Kim Jaejoong who has already positioned himself firmly as the best Hallyu star of South Korea, the movie ‘Code name: Jackal’ is his first screen debut. His heart palpitated with worries.

Kim Jaejoong showed a quite stiff look at the interview with Newsen in a café at Seoul Samcheong-dong on Nov 12.  It was his first interview as a rookie movie actor. Kim Jaejoong was very humble and answered honestly the questions.

Actually, even the reaction of ‘surprise/unexpectedness’ was also due to the tacit prejudice against him. Instead of topics that can become eye-catching gossips such as his private life, [JYJ] members, dating or love, I was more curious about the acting of ‘actor Kim Jaejoong’ (T/N: the reporter used연기학 to refer acting as a major of study). I was amazed by his cleverness and adroitness which I couldn’t catch for a brief moment at first.

“I think you will be trembling whatever kind of “first” experience it is. Also, because I don’t have experience, the movie world somehow seems harsher.” Kim Jaejoong carefully opened his heart, “I am having that feeling again. I hope that everyone would enjoy it. This is my first big screen appearance. It was really burdensome.”

In this movie, Kim Jaejoong plays Choi Hyun, an arrogant top star. Apart from the entire story and directing, it’s indeed surprising to watch the character Choi Hyun brought to life by Kim Jaejoong. Of course, his acting skill was already verified through dramas ‘Protect the Boss’ and ‘Dr. Jin’. However, movie is obviously different from drama. This man who will take over the big screen, there is nothing that he can’t do.

“I have watched the movie twice. The first time I was absent-minded. The second time finally the whole drama came into my eyes. More than anything else, the characters are so funny. Although it’s the movie I chose, I was actually worried a lot about how I would portray Choi Hyun who is also a singer just like me. I was also curious about my acting. (Laughs) I wonder whether it would be fine if I followed the screenplay.”

As time passed, many things were filmed but he also suffered because of that. He must not lose the string of emotion and had to show the aesthetic aspect of the ‘messing up’ which is not really easy to act out. Since he has perfectly digested it (t/n: portrayed the character), isn’t the only fear the praises that will pour down?

“Oh, it still leaves much to be desired. I think the first time is the hardest time. Should I do that gently?  Should I give much power on my shoulders? Because I must show some desperate actions in order to survive after being kidnapped, it was probably a distinction. It might be confusing but I did my best. I did try very hard. Really! Haha”

Credit: Newsen via Nate
Translated by Hannah @ PrinceJJ