T-ara's Jiyeon putting off her college education again this year

Last year, T-ara's Jiyeon put off going to college and this year again, she will put off her college education.

T-ara's agency Core Contents Meda said to OBS that, "With Jiyeon's and T-ara's activities in Japan and her acting career, Jiyeon is already going to have a full schedule so she will delay her college education."

Last year it was revealed Jiyeon was thinking of going to college and taking the CSAT, but she postponed it and said she would think about it again for this year. With T-ara's Japanese activities and her acting schedule colliding, Jiyeon will have practically no time for going to college, so this year also, she will put it off.

According to her agency, Jiyeon does plan to go to college when she has more time.

Meanwhile, T-ara will spread their activities throughout Asia with concerts/showcases in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

Source: http://www.obsnews.c...ml?idxno=667015
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem