Song Joong Ki,"My ideal type is..."

Flower boy Song Joong Ki shared about his love life in a recent interview.

He said, "So far I have been in a relationship for 4 times, but none of is near to my ideal type. The last one was from April 2010", and , "Miranda Kerr is close to my ideal type "

He also said that,"If I have a girlfriend I won't make it go public"

Song Joong Ki debuted in 2008 in a movie called "Frozen Flower". His popularity started to rised since he starred in 2010 KBS drama "Sungkyungkwan Scandal"

He recently starred in "Nice Guy", KBS's newest drama. He played the role Kang Maru and he has been praised for his good acting skill. 

His newest movie "Wolfboy" has exceeded 6 million views in just 26 days after its release, making Song Joong Ki one of the hottest stars at the moment.