Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young greet fans on Pepero Day

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young have taken a picture together on Pepero Day to congratulate "Werewolf Boy" for surpassing the 3 million mark.

According to the report by the Film Council on November 11th, ‘Werewolf Boy’ drew 537,948 audiences on November 10th,  and it finally reached over 3,067,651 views counting from the premiere day, which has been reported as an incredible record. Such records for ‘Werewolf Boy’ is a tie with ‘Yeongasi’ (aka, ‘Deranged’) starring Kim Myung Min from back in July this year and ‘Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King’ starring Lee Byung Hun from September.

If ‘Werewolf Boy’ is able to keep up at this pace, it is expected to create a new record as the fastest and most successful film among Korean films in the melodrama genre.

Written By Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET