Song Jihyo, “Jaejoong is soft-hearted but never shows it.”

Song Jihyo explained, “I think Jaejoong will have to answer many difficult questions concerning sasaeng fans, sponsor, etc. in interviews as he plays Choi Hyun, a Hallyu star, and as relevant scenes also appear in the movie. He won’t absolutely show it but I think behind those not-easy-to-deal-with interviews, his feelings get hurt. He’s delicate like that.”

“Since he had to filmed <Dr. Jin> at the same time, it happened often that he only got to sleep 30 minutes a day. Despite that, he has never show sign of tiredness at the filming location. Even if he was half asleep and half awake with dark circles under his eyes, once the camera was on, he would do his job properly. I felt very badly seeing him fall asleep on the bed at the set during a short break.”

She added, “Actually, when people are tired or sick, they are bound to act selfish. I felt thankful yet sorry that he wasn’t like that.”

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Credit: Enews24
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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