Son Dambi’s “Dripping Tears” MV tops Yinyuetai

Son Dambi’s music video for her latest title track “Dripping Tears” ranked first on China’s biggest video hosting site, Yinyuetai.

On November 21, Yinyuetai updated its video chart ranking which revealed Son Dambi’s music video for “Dripping Tears” had received over 2 million views, placing first for both real time and weekly rankings.

Son Dambi’s music video was able to overtake Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” B1A4’s “Tried To Walk” and Girls’ Generations’s “Flower Power,” proving her soaring popularity in the Chinese market.

Pledis Entertainment said, “We thank the fans in China who are showing much love for Son Dambi. We hope to be able to find great opportunities to meet the fans overseas in the future.”