S.E.S to hold fan meeting to commemorate 15th anniversary

Original girl group S.E.S members are gathering together once more to hold a fan meeting in celebration of their 15th anniversary.

S.E.S will be holding a fan meeting titled ‘S.E.S Debut 15th Anniversary Party’ at Nonhyeondong, Seoul on November 24th. This event marks the group’s 15th anniversary of its debut as well as the 10th anniversary of its disbandment.

A representative of S.E.S stated, “They are setting up this event with a thankful heart for the fans that have sent them love the past years. This will be more of an intimate meeting with a small group of fans.”

Made up of members Eugene, Bada and Shoo, S.E.S debuted in 1997 and enjoyed a successful career before its disbandment in 2002. While the members pursued their own solo careers, they have maintained a good friendship with each other and with their fans.