Secret Zinger is worried about her name

On November 25, through twitter, Secret's Zinger attracted attention by sharing her worry about her name.

She wrote, "Some fans noticed who I was and asked ‘Are you Zinger?’ And after  I replied, ‘Yes, I am’, another man with him asked ‘What’s Zinger, isn’t it something to eat?".

Zinger is also a kind of hamburgers in fastfood restaurant. It was a coincidence that made Zinger worried. Besides, Zinger also made others interested by sharing, "I am thinking deeply about my name once again today"

Netizens commented, "Zinger needs not to think that much. Zinger Fighting!", "Indeed I wonder why you chose that name", "it reminds me of a hamburger at once"....

Secret is now preparing for their next comeback, which is planned to happen in December.

source:bnt news
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews