Roh JiHoon’s ‘Bad Guy’ Theory

Roh JiHoon has talked about him being the bad guy in his title track, ‘Being Punished’. To be exact, there were contents where he talks about girls that are worse than bad guys. To Roh JiHoon, what’s a ‘Bad Guy’.

Bad Guy, Amazing Man At First

There isn’t a bad guy from the start. Because of this, in reality, the possibility of a good guy at first is high. They become bad only when frustration and betrayal are felt. So, he could be a good man now, and might be a bad guy someday.

“Bad guys understand the girls well. He understands the mentality of girls. He knows everything about what she likes and what she dislikes. In particular, he’s a guy who understands well which side of his to show to girls. When he sees a girl, he will show a side different from his life. Those are the warnings.”

Till here, they are still the good guys. Especially, when they love that girl, then he  is a good guy.

“Bad guys are good at presentation.They constantly use lovely words and say sweet things to her. He would tell the girl that he loves only her.”

Love Myself More Than You

 The real colors of a bad guy starts to show. Understanding himself more than anyone else, he will start showing a personality where he loves only himself.

“To bad guys, love isn’t the first priority. If there’s anything that needed to be focused on, then he’ll push love away. I think I’m that type of bad guys myself. As I started my ‘Birth Star’ period, I did not contact my friend that I was meeting often. In the end, we broke up, of course. As I enter the entertainment agency, and preparing for my debut, I’ve changed my number. I’ve deleted the contact of that person who used to call me. This is because work is even more important that anyone else.”

Bad Guy’s prioritize themselves first, whether for work or another similar reasons. In this part, the bad guy has shown his coldness. There won’t be any calls (to her) at a later date.

Excuse of a Bad Guy 

Bad guys are not born bad guys. It’s just that they place themselves over love, and they clearly have their own reasons or background to it.

“When I was in my third year of middle school, I dated a girlfriend for the first time. We were both young back then, and innocent as well, so it seems like we loved it. When we graduated, she frequently tried to find reasons to delay our  promises. I didn’t suspect anything then, but later found out by mistake that she was deciding between me and another guy. I went to meet my girlfriend, he went as well. I asked for a break up coolly  and I cried for one whole month. In the end, she dated him.”

When he couldn’t trust anyone 100%, he learns how to hide his true and sincere feelings. It may be just a lie, but for a bad guy, that one is enough to turn him into a bad guy.

But even then, he couldn’t live without love

Despite that, bad guys are still attracted to girls. Because the previous mentioned man wants to be an amazing man too.

“Actually, I’m still lacking in this type of experience, and it seems like I couldn’t be a bad guy yet. Even then, as I’m preparing for this song, I did many image training. I thought of showing charms of a bad guy. That charms will be something that I want to show through this song. What I can say by myself, I don’t easily meet people.”

Roh JiHoon’s looks or the person himself is a person who is filled with manner, and his obvious self-confidence will definitely attract the opposite sex. About this man, it would be either that ‘his works above love’ or ‘I don’t meet people easily’. He would either want to be seen as a bad guy, or is really a bad guy. Well, when you realize which category he falls into, you have already fallen in love with him.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: Star Today