Roh JiHoon, “Received Strict Training from Rep-nim” for a year and 6 months

To Roh JiHoon, MBC ‘Birth Star’ was his last chance. When he gave up the path to be a soccer player just to be a singer, he cleaned up the band practice room and even continued to practice despite being burnt by coffee. He even went to universities around, works on stages to gain more experience as a singer.

Roh JiHoon “I started these life around 2 years ago. I was 21 years old, which was considered old then (to be debuted as a singer). When I felt that ‘my (opportunity) has ended’ I saw ‘Birth of a Great Star’. With a thought of ‘if this can’t do it, then there won’t be any (chance)’, and tried my last challenge. On ‘Birth Star’, I didn’t think of not being able to make it. I desperately needed it”, as he recalled his memories.

So he went to Birth Star just like that and was lucky enough to be Bang ShiHyuk’s mentee. Soon enough, he went on live broadcast stages, and received recognition for his singing talents, and was even the TOP8 as he carries all elements (Singing, Performance, and Visual) altogether, and was eyed most by the public.

After ‘Birth Star’, he signed on with Cube Entertainment that houses BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, and BTOB. Many are sure of his solid talents, but Roh JiHoon unexpectedly went hidden for a year and 6 months. ‘Birth Star’ is now in the midst of broadcasting its 3rd season. After a year and six months, Roh JiHoon finally went public with the release of his debut album.

“That was because I was tied up in the company. They gave me guidance for this one year and six months. They really grown me harshly. Now that I think of it, I’m so grateful to them. That time, I wasn’t able to speak. I even thought that I won’t be debuting like now too”, he revealed.

He then followed by, “But our representative-nim trained me strictly,” and laughed. He revealed, “When I first enter the company and went for a meeting, he said ‘let’s (debut) within this year. Or by latest, January next year’. He emphasized a lot on the word ‘by latest’. He said to me then, ‘I will let you be 100% completed. After 60% has been done, I will let you stand on the stage and gain experience, so that you’ll be 100% complete’, he said.”

Roh JiHoon continued, “He said like that, and even said that the latest would be on January. ‘Till then, do to your best’, then he said  ’It’s still a little lacking, work more on it. You’ll debut in May’. So I took the criticism and practiced. When it was May, he asked me to try harder again. He kept pushing the date back,” he explained.

“Representative-nim is a bad guy. He kept me training. When I felt that I was complete, there were times he would say ‘are you sure?’, and on some days, he would smile at me and speak in a soft tone, ‘JiHoon-ah, I love you’. (But) the delaying isn’t a joke,” he said, while laughing.

After a long wait, Roh JiHoon debuted with title song ‘Being Punished’. The soft and gentle image during ‘Birth Star’ was stripped away and Roh JiHoon transformed into a bad guy, where he even showcased his belt dance, putting on a daring performance.

“Although I went on my first stage trembling a lot, I’m calmer now. There were lots of people and cameras looking at me. After this period of a year and 6 months, I’m worried about standing on such a big stage. But I think I’ve overcome it well. The stage is fun,” expressing his thoughts.

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Source: Newsen