Roh JiHoon, “Elimination from ‘Birth Star’ was a trauma”

Good looking participant of MBC ‘Birth Star’, Roh JiHoon has made his debut. Roh JiHoon had received good remarks on his visual, singing and performance capability during his Birth Star times.

Roh JiHoon who managed to reached to the TOP8 spot was unfortunately eliminated due to his bad condition as he sang out of tune. During that stage, Roh JiHoon chose Se7en’s ‘Come Please’ and even performed it on a pair of wheeled shoes.

It has been one and a half year since then, but Roh JiHoon’s memories of that day remains fresh. Roh JiHoon laughed, “Those shoes are still in my house and is handled carefully”. During his last stage, Roh JiHoon made a mistake of singing at the wrong tune. He expressed, “Manager-hyung too gave me that video. I watched it and I heard the swiping of a stroke from the nation. I thought I was going to die then.”

“After that solo stage, there was another group stage following after. It seems like everyone were looking at me. As I thought like so, I felt dizzy. Portal sites had ‘Roh JiHoon out of tune” was on real time search,” he recalled.

“You might have trauma”, following after the reporter’s words, Roh JiHoon continued, “It was the truth. The stage this time round too. I’m really burdened by it. Not other aspect, but thinking that if I were to sing out of tune again, this will be the end.” It was my first broadcast, but I do it again… that really stresses me out,” he confessed.

He then revealed that, “People will also think that I’m the joke for the day, so I would have thoughts saying ‘Don’t sing out of tune today’. That’s really a burden to me too. I tried to smile, but in within, I was really nervous. “

But Roh JiHoon continued, “But it’s okay. I don’t want to hide it. It can only look bad if I hide it. The future is more important”, he smiled.

Roh JiHoon who has been hiding for a year and 6 months after Birth Star, has felt a significant change. Not only a rookie singer’s aspiration was felt, but also that amateur feel during the auditions was completely stripped off. He carries his confidence, but dropped the greed.

“I have thoughts of if I make it well, and if I don’t. In fact, I really thought that ‘I will for sure be great. I will get #1′ before.  But I’m still stuck at this level, it seems like I can’t be higher than this yet. ‘Do it comfortably and have fun. Just perform like you used to practice. Perform more amazingly and not to have greed’, I’m thinking like this now.”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: Newsen