Psy looks awkward next to Rain

Recently, a photo with title, "Psy's awkward past photo" is spreading like wildfire online.

It was reported that Psy and Rain (Bi) used to guest in "Intimate Note 3" together back in 2010.

On the show, Rain talked to audience openly, "Comparing to singing a hundred or thousand songs, just tearing the shirt one time brings effect. I think that is the present for fans". Psy just sat there with crossed-arms, listening to Rain with a boring face.

Seeing Psy sat quietly, awkwardly next to Rain made netizen burst into laugh. They commented, "Psy's past image looks so funny", "His old reserved image now become a burden", "Is he really world star Psy" ...

Source: Wstar
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews