Park Boyoung, "SPEED's new song is different from any other idol groups"

Idol group SPEED will feature actress Park Boyoung in their new song.

Core Contents Media said, "Park Boyoung will feature in SPEED's comeback song in December.

Park Boyoung said, "SPEED's song has an addictive melody that immediately struck me. It's a refreshing song different from other idols and I participated in it as soon as given the offer."

SPEED's song with Park Boyoung is called "It's over" and is an R&B dance song with elements of synth that was made by the popular composer Shinsadong Tiger.

Park Boyoung is currently receiving a lot of love for her role in the movie "Speedy Scandal" and for her recent OST participation.

SPEED consists of three members from Coed: Taewoon, Sungmin and Jungwoo, and three new members: Saejoon, Taeha and Yoohwan. The seventh member is Shin Jongkook who was a contestant on Mnet's "Superstar K3".

Park Boyoung is attracting attention for supporting SPEED ahead of their December comeback.

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique