Noh JiHoon, the 2nd Bi Rain?

Noh JiHoon who will be debuting as a solo dance singer is set to become the second Rain.

Noh JiHoon, through his official SNS, has revealed his debut teaser images, and had officially started his countdown date to debut. Reason to Noh JiHoon’s quick-gained attention is that he was recruited by representative Hong SeungSong through a superstar show, and had undergone training prior to his debut. It was known that Representative Hong SeungSong spent a year and a half to train Noh JiHoon as a male soloist.

Due to his transformation, Noh JiHoon had worked hard on his appearance. A former football player, Noh Jihoon’s good physique and tall height posed to be a good advantage for him. Although he worked out consistently, it was not because he wanted to flaunt it, but more towards a solid body to capture female fans’ hearts naturally. A beastly-like physique, eyesmiles, dimples and more are a few of his charming points.

Cube Entertainment expressed their high confidence on MBC ‘Birth Of A Great Star’ Season 1 contestant, who has received comments for possessing a strong star quality and singing capabilities. During his appearance on ‘Birth Of A Great Star’, Noh JiHoon received an overwhelming popularity. He received comments such as “it’s sufficient for you to appear on music programs right away”, recognizing his already gained popularity.

It was reported that he wanted to make a debut as an actor as a long term prospective. He appeared along with 4minute’s Nam JiHyun in same company, BTOB’s music video, and had shown some well-groomed acting skills. Currently, Noh JiHoon attends acting classes.

The concept for his debut album is to be a ‘Bad Guy’. In the pictures revealed today, Noh JiHoon was seen with a ‘Bad Guy’ character, whereby he sat on a chair and presented his strong gazes. Noh JiHoon who has made a 180 degrees change on his appearance which leads to imagination of a ‘Homme Fatale’, has managed to capture Netizen’s attention.

Noh JiHoon will be showing an all new upgraded look of himself in terms of singing, dancing and even visual in his debut album ‘The Next Big Thing’, in hopes to capture female fans’ hearts. In particular, his title track, ‘Being Punished’, is a song which talks about a bad man who already has a lover, had eventually received punishment from her. Through this song, Noh JiHoon will be making a Homme Fatale transformation, and it is expected to show Noh JiHoon’s very own charms.

Noh JiHoon’s debut album, ‘The Next Big Thing’ is an album that will show a soloist artists’ singing skills, dancing skills and visuals. In particular, his debut song, ‘Being Punished’ was produced by Brave Brothers, and is a modern pop single that has a groovy melody to it.

In addition, President Hong SeungSong who produced global star Rain, is set to transform Noh JiHoon into ‘the next generation male solo’, hence, his debut has received large interest from the public.

Meanwhile,  Noh Jihoon who firstly made an appearance through ‘Birth Of A Great Star’, was famous for his handsome look and strong star quality. Noh JiHoon received comments like, “A talent that will ace in both singing and performance”. Although he was defeated from the program, he managed to grab the TOP6 spot of that season.

Meanwhile, ‘Being Punished’ will be released on the 7th of November.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: Osen (1) (2)