Nickhun and Mason Moon are really look alike!

2PM's Thai member Nickhun and baby ulzzang Mason Moon resemble each other.

On the last day of October, Mason's Facebook fan page uploaded the photo above of Nickhun and Mason and proves that they are look alike.

In the photo shared, Nickhun and Mason are both wearing sunglasses with the same smile.  Mason resemblance Nickhun and the reason why he is being called as 'Baby Nickhun'.

If you still remember, Mason Moon starred in a drama with Jang Geun Suk when he was younger and one of the Moon brothers T-ara took care during 'Hello Baby'.

We can see that Mason has grown up since the last broadcast of Hello Baby but still a really adorable cute boy.

However, Moon brothers are greeting you all a Happy Halloween with paper face masks that look like the little boys made it on their own.

Who still remembers these Korean-Canadian cute boys?

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