Lee Soo Man sends an incentive message to Lee Teuk

In the latest episode of 'Strong heart' broadcasted on November 13 was the special episode for Lee Teuk before his enlistment.

Before his enlistment,Lee Teuk sent a short message to 100 people and waited for their replies. After that, the person who replied the fastest was revealed surprisingly.

The person who replied the fastest was Lee Soo Man. He sent an incentive message:“If you choose a new path to go, you will have to accept difficulty. Because of future, think that it would be a good path and enjoy it, a happy and shinning future is waiting for you”.

Netizen's reactions to this,: “Lee Soo Man's message to Lee Teuk is really warm!”, “Lee Teuk please keep good health!”, “Lee Soo Man has such a meaningful advice”…

Source: bntnews
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews